I love this industry

So here I am once again up in Port Hedland for work. It is nice up here, Mia Mia camp is decent enough (although we are constantly told about the other camp being 5 star). Last few times it has been pretty warm during the day but this time it is wet, mid 20’s and a bit of wind. Overall makes for interesting work conditions.

Now the main reason I love this industry.. or well more to the point this weeks job. A bunch of us flew in today on a lunch time flight, upon arrival we were told that we would begin night shift tonight. Ok fair enough.. nice warning. So we do our thing, collect our bags/PPE/etc and head to camp to chill until night shift starts. Once we get in we fill in the fatigue forms and the supervisor gets told we have no had our 10 hours rest as required by the company. Sure enough after much tooing and froing from the supervisor and clients reps it is decided we’re right and we’re stood down.

Thus we are now being paid 10 hours stand down tonight while we are back in camp staying up all night so we can sleep all day so we can work all night tomorrow… ok got that?

Now you might think “well if you’re there already just work” which is all fine and good. We were all prepared to work but thought it should come to their attention. The rules are there for our safety and the workers around us and if we were to cause an incident due to fatigue not only would we feel bad about hurting a workmate but you can be pretty sure we wouldn’t have a job anymore.. and possibly no more possessions once worksafe is through with you.

So here I am now, chilling in my donga with a redbull, laptop and foxtel as company for the evening. Have a great day!

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