An excellent weekend!

Well, where do I begin? After coming back from Port Hedland on Friday night I figured I would have a pretty chill weekend and not get up to much. It almost looked that way Saturday morning when Beau said he was going to be busy taking pics of his niece which sort of killed my motivation to head into down for free comic day. Then in a twist of fate the event got moved so Beau was free. So what are nerds meant to do on a day known as free comic day? Head in to town and visit comic book stores! Of course, free comic book day only remains “free” if you succeed in not spending money.. which I failed in. How could I resist spending money when there were so many cool choices? The Star Wars Thrawn trilogy in comic form instantly drew me in since I loved the novels when I was younger, I also acquired 3 Cyanide and Happiness book (1 of which is going to Melbourne to a follower of mine on twitter) and the entire collection of Yosagi Yojimbo comics. To round it off my nerdy purchases I also got a Veritech Fighter of Roy Focker from Macross. Oh and lots of free comics as well. I also made a few purchases online from the Valve store so that gives me something to look forward to in the mail now woo!


Saturday night Beau, Shane and myself went to Little Creatures Fremantle and caught up with a few ex work colleagues which was nice but not as good as the news that the GC Suns had beaten the Brisbane Lions in the 1st QClash! This began the trend of good sports results for me. Next up was the great news that Alexander Wurz and his co-drivers won the Spa 1000km LMP1 class in the Peugeot. Glad to see a strong showing by them and I hope that Christian Klien manages similar success when the Aston Martin LMP1 contender is ready to compete later this year. How exciting would that be, to have 2 Austrians on the podium for Le Mans. Next in the world of sport was tonight’s brilliant Redbull Racing 1-2 at the Turkish F1 GP. Made all the more sweet that it was Sebastian Vettel who won out of the 2 RBR drivers. This is his 13th career win and continues to extend his lead in the drivers championship table. With Webber coming in 2nd this also helps RBR extend their lead over their closest competitors in the form of McLaren.


Also I am aware today is Mothers day and don’t fret. I took her out for a nice lunch and had already sent her flowers earlier in the week while I was away working up north.


There are also other plans a foot now for the rest of the year but until things are set in stone this vague 1 line will have to suffice.



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