Good times

Life is going well, not long until a bunch of us go to Singapore for the F1. I seriously can’t wait. I haven’t seen my brother Nick in almost a year and it is so strange having gone from hanging around each other constantly to not at all. I do miss him heaps and have been hanging out for this catchup since I was able to organise it. As an icing on the cake I have managed to finally clear my credit card debt which I am stoked about and now I have to force myself to keep a level head and not touch the card at all. This is made easier by the current job I’m on. 4 weeks of construction work down here in Bunbury working mon-fri with a saturday option which I plan to take for all the weeks. I am due to finish up 2 days before we fly out so it has all timed itself rather perfectly. The money made from this will be my spending money for the holiday although some level of self control will be kept as I’d like to build up a healthy savings account again.

That is it for now, I’ll continue to dream of the future while living in the now and counting down the sleeps until party time.

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